Bail Bonds Firms Must Be Licensed In Upland

There are a lot of unscrupulous operators out there today and unfortunately the bail bonds industry has its fair share of them. It is always advised to ensure that the bail bonds company you want to hire for assistance is licensed, and operating legally. Upland Bail Bonds offers some great tips on how to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate, and reputable company.

Upland Bail Bonds is dedicated to providing premium services to defendants, and their families. Being able to secure the freedom of a defendant so they can return home to their family, and continue on in their daily lives until their court appearance, is the top priority of our great company.

Our firm has quite rightly earned the reputation of being the top bail bonds company in Southern California. A company can only earn a reputation such as this, by consistently doing the right thing, providing unequaled services, and abiding by the laws of their industry.

When looking for a good bail bonds company to use, it is very important that you know you are dealing with someone you can trust, and who will do the right thing by you. Let’s face it, dealing with an arrest situation is stressful enough, you want to be able to trust a professional to help you, so the last thing you need is to deal with an unscrupulous operator. You just don’t need anymore stress than you already have.

It is probably a very good idea to do a little research before any situation happens that requires the services of a bail bonds firm. As time is of the essence when organizing the release of a defendant, you really don’t want to waste time searching for someone to assist you. It is always advised to do your research first, and keep the number of someone you know you can trust, programmed in to your phone.

Licensed, and professional bail bonds firms will be able to display the following:

  • Licensed. Bail bonds companies, and agents, are required by California law to be licensed before they are legally allowed to operate.

  • Contract. A professional bail bonds company will always insist on you signing a bail bond contract. Make sure you read it thoroughly, and never be afraid to ask questions. If you are in doubt about anything, do not sign until you completely understand the content, and agree to it.

  • Bail Bond Fee. In the state of California, it is illegal for a bail bonds company to accept less any fee that is less than 10% of the total amount of bail. Only under certain circumstances, can the bail be lowered to 8%, but clients need to qualify. Even with an agreed payment plan, the bail bond fee needs to equal 10% of the bail. Bail bond fees are not refundable.

  • Service. A reputable bail bonds firm will always try to work in with their clients, and also offer great services to achieve that goal. Find out what services are on offer, and if the company is able to deliver them, before making a commitment.

  • No False Promises. No bail bonds company can make any guarantee on how much a bail will be, prior to a defendant being booked, and processed. Bail bond amounts are determined by many variables, including what the crime is, whether the defendant is a repeat offender, and what that particular county bail bond schedule says.

If you find yourself in the situation of requiring a licensed, reputable, and honest bail bonds company, look no further than Upland Bail Bonds. You can contact us on (909) 784-1709, and our professional staff will be more than happy to assist you at any hour of the day or night. You can also read more information by visiting our website.

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